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What are the on-campus Housing options for Veterans?

On Campus HousingThere are currently many Veteran students living in University Housing. We seek to provide a hassle-free environment and a community in place to help serve your individual needs. In addition to our residence halls, we offer apartment units to combine independence with the convenience and benefits of on-campus living. We offer individual contracts and there is no penalty for breaking contracts for military obligations. Read more about your housing options by clicking the link below.

Veteran’s On Campus Housing Brochure

Off Campus Housing:

OFF Campus HousingWe at the SIU Carbondale Veterans Center realize that the transition from the military and/or deployment can be difficult. One of the most difficult things can be finding a place to live before starting your college career. To help aid student Veterans looking for housing, we have compiled a listing of renters/leasers in the local area. This is not a complete listing, and the information presented in this guide is for reference only and is not guaranteed. SIU Carbondale is not associated with any of the companies on this guide and does not profit in any way from you choosing to rent/lease from them.

The full guide can be found here

Housing Guide Survey:

Vets, tell us what you think about your current housing situation.

Whether you have a good or a bad landlord, or live in University housing, tell us what you think and help a future Vet find a good place to live