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We are here to assist Veterans transitioning to SIU Carbondale. As well, it serves as a central location where Veterans can resolve any issues they might encounter while attending the University. The Veterans Center provides the following services:

  • Providing information, checklists, and other information regarding the necessary steps for veterans to successfully transition to the University.
  • Dissemination of information to Veterans; and Active Duty Military members who are interested in attending SIU Carbondale.
  • Answering all general inquiries about Veteran Services provided by the University, to include directing Veterans to on and off campus Veteran service providers.
  • A central location on the campus where any Veterans' issues can be resolved.
  • We have an on and off campus housing guide for Veterans.
  • Click here for a checklist to critical steps.

If you have any questions about the services the Veterans Center offers, any issues that need to be resolved, or just want to hang out with some other Veterans, please e-mail us at,, call us at 618-453-1335, or stop by the office in Woody Hall B-258.

Below are some important SIU Carbondale web sites and phone numbers:

SIU Websites and Phone Numbers
Website Contact Phone Number Email
Veteran Admissions Information VA Certifying Official (618)453-1335
Disability Support Services (618)453-5738
SIU Extended Campus Christina Lawrence
Veteran Legal Services (618)536-4405
Air Force ROTC (618)453-2481
Army ROTC (618)453-7573
Veterans Coordinator Paul Copeland (618)453-1335
Graduate School (618)536-7791
University Housing (618)453-2301